Glove Leather Glove leather A soft, lightweight leather that's smooth, pliable and stretchable.
Cotton Canvas Cotton canvas A heavy, coarse, closely-woven cotton fabric.
Jacquard Jacquard A fabric with an intricately woven pattern.
Italian Leather Italian leather Full grain leather. Made of the very best raw hides. Need no sanding to
remove imperfections.
Genuine Leather Genuine leather Created through the tanning of animal skins and hides. Primarily cattle.
Suede Suede Leather that is treated. Results in a napped, velvet-like finish.
Lamb Leather Lamb leather Lamb hide is used.
Glazed Leather Glazed leather Glazed leather has a polished finish. Not as glossy as patent leather.
Pebbled Leather Pebbled leather Leather surface appears granulated.
Embossed Leather Embossed leather Artificial texture imprints in leather. Created with very high pressure.
Straw Straw Tightly woven, synthetic often with texture.
Screenprinted Leather Screenprinted
Leather painted with colored, stenciled patterns.
Antique Leather Antique
Leather with a smooth finish due to shrinkage and crushing of grains.