Find the watch that perfectly complements your wrist by
following the instructions below.

1. Print out this template on 8 1/2" x 11" standard paper.
2. Select your desired watch size and cut out.
3. Place the cut-out on your wrist to determine what size looks best on you!


• Our watches are made from a variety of different materials. Each one will feel different on
your wrist.

• When considering the overall weight of your watch, remember that a stainless steel bracelet
is heavier than a leather or silicon strap.

• If you plan to wear your watch with a dress shirt that has moderate size cuffs, you'll probably
want a smaller watch size.

• As far as case thickness goes, 6-8 mm is considered thin, 8-12 mm is average, 12-14 mm is
full size, and 14-18 mm is considered thick.