Satchels For Men: Made For The Busy Man (ie: You)

If you’re like most of us, always on the go, chances are you’ve been on the look out for satchels for men. With pockets, dividers, even places for your favorite black pen (not blue), it’s like having an extra helping hand and a great place to store everything you can’t do without. Satchels are the perfect transportation for all your daily needs including laptop, gym clothes, your lunch (did you remember it this time?), and anything else you need during your daily grind.

Now we know you might be wondering just exactly what is the difference between a satchel, work bag and messenger bag—or even a backpack. This is a fair and dare we say, good question. Mens satchels is basically a category that incudes all of the above. It’s a good place to start and narrow down how you’d be using your bag.


Trust Us, Commuting Is Way Better With Men’s Satchels

Train commuters may choose an entirely different satchel than say, bike commuters—and not just the size, but for the material too. Of course there’s style preference first, but then you should probably consider how mens leather satchels will stand up a little differently in certain weather conditions than canvas bags will. We’re not saying to let the weather cramp your style (and anyway, our bags are made to be pretty water resistant)—just know that the weather will wear your bag differently. But don’t worry about that, we’ve designed our bags to stand up to just about every situation possible.

Fossil’s commitment to authentic design is throughout everything we create. You’ll see it every satchel, that vintage appeal with a modern twist. And don’t even get us started about our obsession to every detail—we love talking about it.