Have you ever wondered how many times you reach for your wallet per day? The truth is, you put your wallet to the test constantly—even when it's just resting in your back pocket, holding all of your stuff. But like anything you get used to seeing every single day, you might not have noticed its wear and tear. If it's time to retire that men's wallet of yours, look no further than our collection of mens wallets. Not all wallets are created equal, and there are so many choices. Seriously, you've got some tough decisions to make here, guys. Fear not: We'll walk you through it, because we've been there before (and like to think of ourselves as some of the experts). Start with what kind of leather wallet style you like—front-pocket wallet or traditional back pocket? Maybe you're a suit-and-tie kind of guy who prefers an executive wallet that fits right in your inner jacket pocket. (Fancy, right?) We also have a clip style for the bare-bones kind of guy who wants nothing more than the essentials: some cash and his ID. And we haven't even discussed our bifold and trifold men's wallets!


Our mens wallets are crafted from high-quality, beautiful leathers and an obsession (in a great way, of course) with detail. And we're pretty big on texture, too—at least when it comes to smooth leathers. You'll find signs of our vintage inspiration and authentic roots throughout each of our men's wallet collections, and not just in aesthetics but also in feeling and attitude. We use the year 1954 as the founding inspiration of everything we do in our relentless pursuit of modern design at Fossil, and you'll see principles of classic, traditional craftsmanship reflected in every single one of our men's wallets. We hope you'll adore carrying your new wallet as much as we did designing it.