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Vintage Women’s Watches

There’s just something about the charm of vintage jewelry that makes it so appealing, no matter your usual style. It’s almost universal that we’re drawn to the timelessness of vintage design because it’s just that good, that interesting, that detailed. But because we’re friends, there’s something we should to tell you: our watches aren’t actually vintage, though their Fossil heritage makes them honorary members of that coveted vintage status. So now that we got that out of the way, we’ll let you in on our vintage philosophy.

Vintage Watches For Women: Think Like The Classic You Are

Fossil takes its design inspiration from all things vintage, namely from the year 1954. We think great design, amazing architecture and iconic fashion came together that year and created this optimistic feeling in America.  We took that feeling, gave it a modern twist, and put it in everything we do.

You’ll see vintage design details in every little thing we do in our women’s watch collections. Classic leather-band watches that look as good with pearls as they do with a years-loved concert tee, and those looks that hit the in between. Your watch goes with you everywhere so it’s got to be versatile, high quality and it has to look good.   

At Fossil, we believe watches are the one thing that should be timeless; our designs are created to prove that philosophy to you every day (and also because we just love doing it).