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The Fossil Q App connects your iPhone or Android device to your activity tracker. Receive alerts from your favorite contacts and apps and track everything from steps to calories to sleep. Turn your activity tracker into a remote control with Fossil Q LINK, a Smart Button feature that takes pictures, controls music or finds your phone. This wrist essential runs up to six months (based on usage) on three button cell batteries—no charging required.


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Our Activity Trackers Have Arrived To Keep You Fit & Stylish

Need a sleek and stylish way to track activity, sleep and everything in between? Then we’ve got news for you: Q Motion activity trackers are here and ready to become your new best friend. With built-in activity monitors and a step tracker, this activity tracker can help monitor your everyday accomplishments indoors, outdoors or wherever your adventures take you next.

Not Sure You're Interested In An Activity Tracker? Sleep On It 

With Q activity trackers, you can keep an eye on your fitness goals even when your eyes are closed. A Q activity tracker will automatically monitor your light sleep, restful sleep and the times when you actually fall asleep and wake up, and then display your activity data in colorful charts and graphs via the convenient Q Motion smartphone app. The app connects your iOS- or Android-enabled device right to the band on your wrist, which doesn’t require charging thanks to three button cell batteries that can last up to six months. With Fossil activity trackers, you’ll be pleased to find that form is never sacrificed for function.

Fossil finds inspiration in all things vintage, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t enthusiastically embrace new technology too. Our collection of Q activity trackers will help you stay on top of your fitness goals while also bringing a sense of refined style to your wrist. From a built-in step tracker to notification lights that illuminate when you receive a notification on your smartphone, the Fossil Q line of activity trackers has been engineered to both keep you active and help you stay connected.

Activity Trackers To Help You Take Steps In The Right Direction 

With Q Motion activity trackers, you’ll be able to chart your physical progress and track every step you take toward your fitness goals. Plus, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of gentle vibration notifications and LED indicators that alert you about any calls, texts, emails or app notifications you might’ve missed while you were working on your fitness. It’s called Q LINK, and it essentially turns your activity tracker into a remote control. Use the Smart Button feature to take pictures, control music or call your misplaced phone, and you might even find it hard to believe that you ever lived without all of these capabilities within arm’s reach—literally. We love the functionality and sportiness of activity trackers both at the gym and in the great outdoors, but don’t you wish they went better with that little black dress or sleek suit? Here’s some good news: Fossil Q activity trackers look like one of your favorite bracelets, only a little smarter, so you’ll be able to make it work with any outfit on any occasion.