Travel RFID Passport Case

₹ 4,595.00
(Price Inclusive of GST)

Travel RFID Passport Case

SKU SLG1499656 SLG1499656
₹ 4,595.00
(Price Inclusive of GST)

Product Details

Sku: SLG1499656
Interior Material: ViralOff® Recycled Polyester
Interior Details: 1 Passport Pocket, 1 Slide Pocket, 1 Zip Pocket, 4 Credit Card Slots
Measurements: 11.43cm L x .508cm W x 13.97cm H
Silhouette: Passport Case
Material: Eco Leather
Platform: TRAVEL
Primary Colour: Pink
Hardware: Old English Brass
Additional Product Features: RFID
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What makes this product planet-friendly?

One or more of the materials used to make this product has or meets the following criteria:

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Developed using a more efficient processing method to help reduce water consumption.
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Our same high-quality leather. Resource-efficient tanning processes.
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From a source that provides a well-recognized sustainability certification
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Made with materials that meet our minimum threshold for recycled content
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Packaging that is recyclable and may contain FSC certified or recycled materials.

All About

Our high-quality REPREVE® lining is made
from 100%-recycled materials.

Our high-quality REPREVE® lining is
made from 100%-recycled materials.

From Bottles to Beautiful

This fabric is made from post-consumer water bottles that have been converted to a resin that is then texturised into a yarn.

The use of REPREVE® recycled polyester reduces energy consumption by 45%, water consumption by 20% and greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in comparison to virgin natural polyester.