Hanukkah Gifts for Mom

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Moms… Are there ever really any words to describe how much she means to us? Probably not, but you can try to show her with an amazing Hanukkah gift this year. We know you can do no wrong in her book – most of the time at least – and you especially can do no wrong when you shop for her holiday gift at Fossil. Watch her face light up when she opens your gift and rocks it throughout the New Year and beyond.

If your mom is sporty, she’ll love keeping track of her fitness goals with one of our newest smart watches. From encouraging reminders to stay active to sleep and water intake trackers – not to mention beautiful fashion features and social media connectivity – these smartwatches will help Mom achieve her goals and look great doing it. If your mom rocks the boardroom every day, send her back to work in style after the holidays with a beautiful leather purse in a neutral black or brown hue, or show off her spunky personality with a bold color. Mother knows best and she’ll look her best carrying one of our gorgeous purses. This carefully curated list of Hanukkah gifts for mom also includes eye-catching jewelry she can wear day after day. Whether you’re mom is never fully dressed without a piece of jewelry on each ear, wrist and finger, or she’s more of a simple pendant necklace type, we’ve got the jewelry she’ll feel beautiful in. This Chanukah is the perfect time to spoil your mom and treat her to her favorite accessories with our Hanukkah gifts for women.


If anyone is going to get sentimental around the holidays it’s probably going to be mom and we don’t blame her. After all, her family is all together for the Chanukah, there’s amazing food, joyful traditions and tons of family time. Mark the occasion by getting your mom a gift you know she’ll love from our Hanukkah gift list. Certain leather and jewelry gifts can be embossed and engraved with a special message. Put your initials, your parent’s anniversary date, your mom’s birthday or any other sentiment that shows her how special she is to you. She will adore the thought and effort you put into selecting her gift and she’ll love wearing such a sweet reminder of you day after day.


Take your mom totally by surprise this holiday season by gifting her with one or more items from our special gift list. Moms often put themselves on the back burner so everyone else can thrive. There’s no telling how many times she went without so you could have the newest and greatest item you wanted – and she did it with a smile, never letting on. This year, be the one to beat her to the punch and give her the latest purse, watch, jewelry or other accessory that she may not get for herself. Put her first and watch her light up brighter than the menorah. Don't forget about Dad, he does a lot too. Find the perfect presents for him on our list of Hanukkah gifts for dad.

Shop our Hanukkah gifts for mom and be inspired to find something that goes with her innate sense of style, or help her switch things up a bit with a gift she didn’t know she even wanted but won’t be able to live without.