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Discover new ways to make your mask your own with our helpful tips.

Custom Face Masks: Stay Safe, Stay Stylish

Custom Face Masks

The year 2020 has been one for the ages. It’s probably pretty safe to say that no one’s New Year Resolutions list included quarantine or figuring out how to make a face mask work with your personal style. This year has required a lot from you – whether it was postponing your wedding, cancelling that trip you’ve been saving for or just having to be separated from the people you love the most – so it’s time to take a little piece of yourself back with custom face masks. You don’t have to compromise your unique style to stay safe. At Fossil, we believe that style is personal and should always reflect who you are, not just the latest trends. It’s this belief that goes into designing all of our watches, smartwatches, handbags and jewelry so that you never have to compromise your personal style to fit a fad. The same goes for Covid-19 face masks. While it may not be your favorite accessory to leave the house with, it doesn’t have to be boring and impersonal.

Make your newest accessory one-of-a-kind with our personalized face mask hacks. Say goodbye to boring masks and clinical-feeling outfits – add some life and levity into your daily style with these tips and tricks.

• Don’t let a face mask be a stumbling block to your innate sense of style. Instead, reframe it as an opportunity to take your creativity to the next level. Match it with your outfit, pairing a dark blue mask with a white tee and jeans, or go bold and make it a standout piece. Change your mask throughout the day to keep your look, and your safety, fresh and easily go from day to night with our growing selection of face masks.

Unique Face Masks

• Another way to standout from the crowd and create personalized face masks is with our enamel pins and embroidered patches. Full of personality and easy to recognize, these fun accessories allow you to express your personality and emotion while you wear your mask.

• Custom face masks can also be personalized with stitched designs. Stitch your initials, a word or even symbol – the choice is yours and we can’t wait to see what you decide.

• Ditch the days of misplacing your face mask or wearing it looped around one ear or around your neck when you have a second to breathe. Our new face mask chains are the perfect way to add a pop of personality and color to your style while also ensuring that your mask is always at the ready.

• Ladies, if you want to add a pop of fun to your look, match your mask to your hair accessories. Whether it’s cute hair clips, a beautiful hair scarf or even just a scrunchie, coordinating these two items will make getting dressed and leaving the house a bit more fun.

Personalized Face Masks

• When you create a custom face mask, you can ensure it complements your favorite bag. Whether it’s a belt bag, backpack or satchel, you can rock the neutral palette or go for a bright splash of color to express your true style.


Your safety comes first, always. Whatever your new normal is, we want you to feel safe, comfortable and protected whenever you leave the house. Keep being you and celebrating all that you are by creating custom face masks. The world needs your light and life during these dark days, and what better way to let it shine than with your own unique spin on personalized face masks?