Father's Day Bags

Looking for the perfect gift for Father's Day 2020? Shop Father's Day bag deals from Fossil here and find the perfect bag for your dad.

Knock It Out of the Park With These Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas that will really knock your dad off his feet this year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of our best products that will make your dad’s life a bit easier and more stylish.

Our bags – in addition to our Father’s Day watches and wallets – will help him get through his day and busy schedule with a touch of finesse that every man needs. Made from high quality leather, durable hardware and the latest trend styles, our bags are handsome additions to his look, no matter what he’s doing. Of course your dad will love anything you get him, and even though he may not tell you anything he wants or needs, we know he’ll love carrying a brand new bag from Fossil. Our Father’s Day gifts are exactly what he’s been looking for.

Father’s Day Gifts He Needs & Loves

Your dad probably leads a pretty busy life. Whether he works or he’s retired, we’re sure he’s always busy with office tasks, travel, vacation and home projects. Our handsome bags will help him bridge the gaps and transition from activity to activity with ease. Our messenger bags and workbags are perfect for your commuting dad. These sleek bags add instant head-turning charm to his 9 to 5 looks while still being a sophisticated workday accessory. Whether he drives, takes a train, bikes or walks to work, these bags easily keep his computer, books and other important documents organized and within reach so he can hit the ground running when he gets in. Available in a number of colors and designs, these bags easily match his unique style profile and are the perfect, thoughtful Father’s Day gifts.

If your dad loves to travel, our duffle bags are his one-way ticket to durable style. These bags add enviable style to even his most relaxed airport looks, plus they are large enough to fit his clothes and other travel necessities like a shave kit. If he’s been carrying the same bag for years and needs an upgrade, this bag will make his heart skip a beat. If he’s an explorer at heart, help him prepare for his next adventure with one of our leather backpacks. These handy bags will help him carry everything he may need, like a change of clothes, extra shoes, camera equipment or even camping gear. Made from soft leather, these bags are able to standup to whatever your dad throws at them.

Fathers Day Gifts Get Personal

Once you’ve decided on the perfect bag for your dad, make it personal by having his initials embossed on it. A must-have addition to your Fathers Day gift ideas, this added touch turns his gift into a keepsake that he will be proud to show off and treasure for years to come. Of course he treasures any gifts you’ve given him – including those finger painted pictures – a Fossil bag embossed with his initials is a gift that he can treasure and use – giving him the best of both worlds. The extra thought you put into the details of Fathers Day gifts take them over the top and make them a memorable part of any celebration.

Explore all of our Fathers Day gift ideas and find the bags that will make him feel as loved and special as he is. Shop our extensive collection and get ready to wow him this Father’s Day.