Graduation Handbags

Shopping for the perfect Graduation Gifts for a Class of 2019 grad? Look no further than our collection of Graduation handbags. They make great gifts!

Handbags Make the Perfect Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is such a busy time of year – parties, finals, job interviews, moving, the ceremony; you’re there to help with it all – it can sometimes be overwhelming and hard to find the time to shop for a gift that you really want to give. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to celebrate this accomplishment and finding the right gift can sometimes take a while, but it doesn’t have to. At Fossil, we’ve put together a list of amazing graduation gift ideas just for you.

For the girl boss grad in your life, our handbags make the perfect gift – and our bags for men are perfect your male grads. Our handbags are always crafted with high quality leather, durable hardware and lasting style so she can carry it for as long as she loves it. Inspired by our love of all things vintage and infused with modern trend elements, our handbags will help her graduate her style from everyday casual to workforce ready. She’s beginning a whole new chapter in her life, so she needs clothing and accessories to help her feel like the success she is. New handbags are great graduation gift ideas because they are everyday staples she’ll love and need.

When she starts going on interviews and then onto her first day in the office, she will need every ounce of confidence she can get. Instead of carrying a well-loved purse, she needs something shiny, new and representative of her. At Fossil, we believe that everyone’s authentic style should be celebrated, so we’ve designed handbags in loads of styles, sizes, colors and prints to match as many tastes as possible.

Graduation Gift Ideas She Can Use Daily

When you’re looking at graduation gift ideas, our handbags will top the list. If your grad will be going into the office everyday, a satchel will be her new best friend. Full of professional charm and poised with the latest style, these handbags are beautiful additions to her wardrobe that she will love to carry in the office and while she’s away. Available in a variety of designs, our satchels add instant sophistication to any look, allowing her to 100% look the part even if she doesn’t completely feel it yet.

For the free spirit, always up for an adventure girl, our crossbody bags are a must have. These gorgeous handbags allow her to be hands-free and carefree whenever she wants. With this purse strapped around her, she can go exploring, take as many selfies as she wants, shop to her heart’s content and just enjoy a day full of fun. If she’s going on a post graduation trip, our crossbody handbags will help her keep her style intact and her sense of adventure strong.

For the girl who does it all, our tote bags are great graduation gift ideas. She’s always on the go, attending a workout class in the morning, changing to go to work, meeting friends for dinner and squeezing in as many fun activities during the weekend as possible. Give her a tote bag that can go everywhere with her, help her stay organized and looking her best.

Shop our best graduation gift ideas and find the handbags that will make her feel ready to take on the world. Don't forget to have her new handbag embossed with her initials to help her stand out from all the rest in all of the right ways.