2020 Black Friday

Are you questioning is Black Friday cancelled this year or will there be a Black Friday in 2020? You're not alone, and Fossil has you covered. Discover new products & new ways to shop this Black Friday and be ready for all of our great deals and sales.


Is Black Friday Cancelled This Year?

Cancelled – it’s been one of the buzzwords of 2020. Vacations – cancelled; graduations – cancelled; weddings – cancelled; we’re not going to take it any longer. So if you’re wondering is Black Friday cancelled this year, at Fossil, the answer is no. We’ve always believed that you deserve the best of everything – fashion, comfort, functionality and more. That’s why we’ve developed an even larger selection of products for you to shop for during Black Friday. Stay up-to-date with all that we have going on when you join our email sign up. This will give you more information on our Black Friday Deals, alongside exclusive offers and more. If you’re wondering when is Black Friday, it’s November 27th, so you have plenty of time to scope out our deals and figure out your game plan. Shop online from the comfort of your home or in person, at our open stores, where we’ve taken extra measures to keep you safe.

Will There Be A Black Friday In 2020?

So now that we’ve established that there will be a Black Friday in 2020, let’s highlight some of our newest products available this year. In addition to our beloved watches, bags and wallets, we’ve also developed reusable face masks and a line of protective accessories designed to keep you safe. As the first retailer to design ViralOff® bags, we’re bringing you both fashion and safety. Coated with polygiene, a fabric treatment with antimicrobial properties, these bags help keep you safe when you have to venture out into the world. Another bag we’ve designed to give you convenience and safety during the pandemic is our face mask pouch. These pouches are designed with an interior divider so you can keep your clean masks separate from your used ones. If you need to wear more than one mask throughout the day, you’ll love how these convenient pouches – that can be carried on your wrist or attached to your bag – easily keep your masks separate.

Next on our list of innovative and protective accessories that help protect you from germs is our door opener. Putting in double work as a door opener and button pusher, this device allows you to avoid touching public doors and buttons. It’s made with antimicrobial 260 copper alloy plating that can kill 99.9% of bacteria in two hours. These door openers easily wipe clean with disinfectant wipes without staining or corroding the brass. Our new Gen 5E smartwatches are also designed to keep you safe while you shop. With these smartwatches, you can make contactless payments using Google Pay™. When you’re in the store, avoid touching the keypad or handing off your credit card; simply hold your watch over the machine and go.

We Are Open In Store & Online, So No Need To Question Is Black Friday Cancelled This Year

So now that we know the answer to the question, will there be a Black Friday in 2020, let’s highlight what it will look like when you shop in store and online. If you opt to stay home and shop online, you’ll still have access to all of our unique watches, bags, wallets and more. You still get free shipping and returns and you still know that you’re getting top-quality products.

If you want to shop in store, we’re taking extra precautions to keep you safe. Use our convenient store locator to discover the open locations closest to you and then enjoy your Black Friday shopping experience. Inside the stores, we have markers to help you know where to stand to stay within social distance boundaries. You can also take advantage of our BOPIS option, which allows you to make your purchase online and then pick it up in our store. Using this feature, you can go to other stores in the mall or run errands while your order is being processed and not have to wait inside. If you’re not planning on coming in at all, we also offer curbside pick up. Place your order online, drive to the store when it’s ready and allow us to come to you. We want you to know that your safety is our priority and you have options in how you can shop your favorite Fossil products. Is Black Friday cancelled this year? No! Will there be a Black Friday in 2020? Yes! We’ve broadened our selection of products to help you stay safe and keep your style standards in tact, and Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on it all.