Four sport smartwatches in different colors, displaying different features.

Fit For Every Style



With tons of colors and the power of Wear OS by Google,
our Sport Smartwatch has something for everyone.

Powered with Wear OS by Google

Fit For Every Style


With tons of colors and the power of Wear OS by Google, our Sport Smartwatch has something for everyone.

Powered with Wear OS by Google

iPhone® and Android™ compatible.

Women in athletic gear wearing Sport smartwatches.

For Your
Best Life

For Your Best Life

From coffee dates to morning runs, see how the Sport
Smartwatch gets you through the day.

Man holding bag wearing the Sport smartwatch.

Last Longer

Extend your battery life for multiple days with new, smart battery modes.

*Depending on usage

Women in athletic gear wearing Sport smartwatches.

Work. It. Out.

Get healthy with Google Fit™. Track your progress with activity goals like Heart Points, based on recommendations from American Heart Association and World Health Organization.

Women smiling wearing Sport smartwatches.

Free To Move

Leave your phone behind. Use untethered GPS to track your run's distance (and play your stored music) on your watch.

Man packing backpack wearing a Sport smartwatch.
Google Assistant

Wear OS by Google™ has evolved. Thanks to its new design, you can access your information faster, get proactive help from Google Assistant, and access smarter health coaching. All with a swipe of your finger.

A woman holds her Sport smartwatch to a mobile pay kiosk.

Pay On The Go

Never get caught without your wallet again. Use Google Pay™ on your watch wherever mobile payments are accepted.








Smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google are compatible with iPhone® and Android™ phones. Google, Google Pay, Wear OS by Google, Google Fit, and other related marks are trademarks of Google LLC. Touchscreen smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google require a phone running Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go edition) or iOS 10.0+. Supported features may vary between platforms.

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Fossil Sport Smartwatches Win in Over Time

Whether you’re looking to up your fitness looks, track your status more clearly or you just love the sporty look of our Fossil sport watches, you’ll love rocking them all day, everyday. Available in bright, bold pops of color as well as classic neutrals that go with everything, the Fossil smartwatch sport watch fits any taste and any workout routine. The durable silicone is soft and comfortable while you workout, yet tough enough to withstand cardio, weight training and more. For those gearing up for their first workout to those training for a marathon, our Fossil sport smart watches are the perfect workout buddy.

These sporty accessories are packed with high-tech digital features and powered by Wear OS by Google so that you can accurately track your progress day by day. Even if you’re not working out, our Fossil sport smartwatches make any outfit pop and will help you keep track of daily movements.

Fossil Sport Smart Watches Work Out the Details

When you’re ready to get serious about your workouts – or you’re just interested in learning more about yourself – our Fossil sport watches are ready to help. We’ve designed our most efficient battery yet to get you through the day. Depending on your usage, these batteries can last 24+ hours thanks to the automatic low-power mode feature of these watches. Gone are the days of having to worry about your battery dying halfway through your workout and losing all of that information.

Our Fossil sport watches also come equipped with Google Fit™ which means you have instant access to activity goals, move minutes and heart points. Set the goals that work for you – it’s your health and happiness at play, so why not make something that’s completely personal? Everyone’s health journey looks different and Google Fit™ allows you to create a routine and tracking system that works for you. Another feature we love about our Fossil smartwatch sport series is that you’re free to move however and wherever you want. With untethered GPS and stored music on your watch, you can leave your phone at home. Track your run and rock out to the music that revs you up without having to carry your phone – just take some time to get away from it all. When your workout is over and it’s time to refuel, grab your favorite protein shake or snack and pay for it with your watch – no wallet needed. If you’re at the gym and just want a cool down chat with friends at the smoothie bar, don’t bother going all the way back to the locker room for your gym bag, just use the Google Pay™ feature on the Fossil sport smartwatch and relax. These swim-proof watches are ideal for any workout, any time of the day.

Fossil Sport Watches Look Good In & Out of the Gym

No matter how much you love to workout, we know it’s only part of your day. The other hours of your day are filled with going to work, meeting up with friends, relaxing and doing whatever else makes you happy. We get it – you don’t have time to switch out your watch depending on what you’re wearing. You want a watch that can transition through the day with you and still keep track of your post and pre-workout stats. Our Fossil sport smart watches are available in bright hues and muted colors so you can match your mood and personality to whatever your day holds – the interchangeable straps give you the freedom to keep things fresh and fun. You can also customize your dials to match your look or just display your favorite social media snapshot. Bluetooth® functionality allows you to receive notifications from your phone wherever you are so that you’re always up to date on what’s the most important to you.

Shop our versatile Fossil sport watches today and discover a whole new way to workout and live your best life.