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The nostalgia of a 1950s childhood was a fun flashback for our original customers in 1984. Even as our designs and customers grow up, we still love to play around with ideas that evoke the wonder and whimsy of childhood.


Back In 1954, the culture was buzzing with excitement about space exploration and new technology. Our early designs tapped into that sense of adventure by featuring rockets and robots and all things futuristic – elements that continue to inspire us today.


Taking a cue from the colourful packaging of the 40’s and 50’s, our unique tins embody the creativity and optimism of our brand. Thirty years and thousands of designs later, our famous tins are as much a part of our product as the watches themselves.


Vintage cars, trains and planes have always been a source of inspiration for our design teams. No matter where our travels take us, we are drawn to the details, whether it’s aviation gauges, travel stickers, passport stamps, postcards, maps or the souvenirs collected along the way.