For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to designing and producing the highest quality products. As we continue to expand our product offerings globally, counterfeiters are making cheap imitations that are often mistaken for our authentic FOSSIL® brand products.

We work with customs authorities, law enforcement and legal representatives throughout the world in an effort to prevent the sale of counterfeit FOSSIL products. To avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit products, we recommend you buy our products directly from our e-commerce website (, a FOSSIL retail store, or through an authorised department store, specialty retailer or ecommerce account that you know to be reputable. Fossil does not offer its products for sale through individuals, street vendors, internet auction sites, flea markets or house parties. Please also note that counterfeit websites will often use the FOSSIL trademark in the URL for their sites and may have content or layout similar to

If you believe you are the victim of a fraudulent transaction, we encourage you to report it to your local law enforcement. You may also report suspected counterfeit product directly to us at Please note that we regret we are not able to authenticate products for you. We appreciate your help in our fight against counterfeiting!