Wallets For Women

You know that feeling of the panic when you think you’ve misplaced your wallet—if even for a second? That’s because even though it never actually holds one, that little wallet of yours is a vital key to your every day. A wallet is literally who you are—it holds your identity, credit cards, business cards, receipts and if you’re lucky, some cold-hard hard cash. But while they’re holding down the business end of things, they also have to look stylish doing it. So if you think about it, wallets for women have a pretty big job.

Fossil’s diverse collections are designed in the knowledge that women’s wallets will serve very different functions, even in the same week, depending on the events of the day. Our vibrant, rich leather wallets for women range from zip wallets for those who prefer to toss them in with their carry-it-all bag to the multifunctional wristlet for the minimalist who’s ready to go at the drop of a hat. (Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t be either from one day to the next.)

Women’s Wallets: It’s The Little Things

Our stylish assortment of leathers include pops of color, twinkles of metallic, the classic look of solids, even quirky prints and, of course, each one is characterized by our (healthy) obsession with detail. From small wallets like the Riley flap wallet to a larger clutch wallet like the Sydney zip clutch, we’ve got your whims, and your essentials covered.