The It List: Meet Q Founder and Townsman

Classic meets modern

It’s a question for the ages: how do you stay true to your roots while embracing and building on modern technology? We think about it everyday here it Fossil, which is probably why, when we find a way to blend our geeky love of nostalgia with the latest-and-greatest watch innovations, we do (literal) happy dances. Like, a lot of them.

So you can imagine our designers busting a move when Q Founder , the smartwatch with touchscreen functionality and Intel InnovationⓇ technology, was built on the foundation of classic Fossil watch design. Available in sleek, stainless steel or timeless leather, it connects to your favorite apps, receives notifications (and more)—all while staying true to our midcentury modern design aesthetic.

And if you’re an analog watch lover, the Townsman is no less impressive or thoughtfully-designed. Taking a cue from vintage watch styles and featuring unique details like roman numerals and patina leather, it really shines thanks to the innovative automatic movement that ensures you won’t have to think about batteries (ever) again. How’s that for an update?

No matter how you identify yourself (new to the watch game? timepiece expert?) our spring “It” List has something for you.