A Blue Point of View

Crushing on blue? “Always,” according to our classic(ish) guy. Inspired by the ocean and indigo-dyed textiles, our watch and leather design teams explored this season’s ultimate color of choice.
Feeling deja blue? Our wallets, passport cases and even braided key fobs are reminiscent of the big blue sea in never-fail navy and curious cobalt. We’ve also added our embossed paper airplane pattern and monochromatic color combos to give your smalls a wardrobe update. With a new tinted dial, our timepieces mirror the rich pigments found in denim, matching perfectly with your go-to jeans. Who can deny the appeal of a navy dial back to a classic brown leather strap? Needless to say, the coolest shade of spring always looks stylish on your wrist.

What’s the best part about this (hue) scenario? You can stay tried and blue to your all-time favorite accessories because these styles work with any outfit and occasion.

Mood board photos: Indigo dyes by Kate Mathis, "Afinar" by Javier Jaén