Accessorize for the Holidays

(And Beyond) with Jamie Chung, Blair Eadie and Charlotte Groeneveld

This month we’re partnering with a few of our favorite fashion magazines (Harper’s Bazaar , Marie Claire , ELLE ) and a handful of street style mavens (Jamie Chung, Blair Eadie, Charlotte Groeneveld) to see how they incorporate our leather and watch collections into this season's (oh-so-cool) daily ensembles. The result? Well, let’s just say we’re ready to take a page from their style books and we hope you’re inspired, too!
Need a (brighter than) bright fashion statement to get you through winter’s shorter days? We’re loving the way actress/blogger Jamie Chung incorporates color into her daily routine, whether she’s out and about with the Preston satchel (pictured in fir green) or cozying up at L.A.’s Caravan Book Store with the Preston flap in our awe-inspiring Kaleido print. And if you need color and functionality, look no further than the Sydney shopper (pictured in maroon) which carries a bag(ful) of style along with a little bit of, well, just about everything else.
The holidays are always a colorfully curious time of year (which we love) but how, we wondered, do you keep that spirit going into January and beyond? Thank goodness for Blair Eadie, the fashion maven behind Atlantic-Pacific, who shows us just what to do with the Bella small satchel (in brown) and Jacqueline (in red). Just add a little bit of plaid and you can see how each accessory lends its own bright (and merry) sheen, right on cue.

Here’s a style tip you can try with your new Fossil watch right now, courtesy of Charlotte Groenevald of The Fashion Guitar. Ready? Okay. Take your watch and place it on top of your sleeve. Just like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the Jacqueline (pictured in black and silver) or mechanical Original Boyfriend. It’s a (too) easy and practical way to show off your go-to timepiece and stay warm in the process!

P.S. This week we’re making it personal(ized) in select stores — that means you can get complimentary engraving or embossing on any new Fossil bag and watch. Come check it out!