Flashback: All About the 90s

In our new Fossil Flashback series, we’re inviting you to take a trip down memory lane—with a pit stop in our brand archives.

The year is 1997. You’ve seen Titanic in the theaters five times, you’re just figuring instant messaging etiquette, and the Spice Girls are all that. Best of all, you’ve just scored a great bag from Fossil’s new Sienna line.

With its glazed woven leather, structured hobo shape and inner functionality, it’s the perfect carry-all for your late-’90s essentials. These obviously included your electronic keychain pet, a worn copy of High Fidelity, the mix tape your best friend made just for you, and a Fossil tin that was the perfect place to store your scrunchies and hair clips.

That was then, this is now! Head over to Fossil.com to see this season’s new arrivals.