Flashback: We Love the 80s

You know what's totally rad? Reminiscing over a late-80s kid's favorite things. Join us as we turn back the clock in this week's Fossil Flashback!
Long before the latest iPhone upgrade got hearts racing, the most exciting communication devices were the clear, light-up telephones that displayed their inner workings to the delight of a new tech-obsessed generation. But in 1989, the hottest gadget had to be the recently released Nintendo Gameboy. Finally, kids of all ages could play their platform games on the go! They didn't leave their analog toys behind though—LEGO® blocks, Hot Wheels®, and Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles® were as fresh as ever.
Only five years old at the time, Fossil was already creating perfectly curious products. With its compass-inspired dial and bold colors, the See-Through Expedition Watch was perfect for those ready to explore the end of that awesome decade and the years beyond. 
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