Made For Mom

You may have noticed that our Made for Mom collection launched this week (obsessed!), but before we dive into the details of the mother of gift guides (which includes all sorts of must-have pieces), we’ll start by telling you what the collection is all about. 
The ultimate discovery of the season was blush (the perfect shade of pink) as a new neutral that also represents mom’s femininity and our feelings for her. Months ago, when we began thinking about summer, we looked closely at mid-century crafts, specifically home design, clean ceramics and ethnic textiles. More often than not you see these opposite mediums juxtaposed in modern homes balancing each other, which is exactly what we sought out to do.
—Casey Green, Women's Leathers Creative Director
Ceramics turned out to be a special callout for texture, form and hue, and that’s how our new (blush) velvety pebble leather originated. They also played an important role in the choosing of organic shapes with soft edges to stand out as our main callouts. The Preston flap bag makes the best example, updated in blush with a nod to ethnic fabrics in its embroidered strap. You can tell we got carried away and continued embellishing our bags with large crystals to convey a mix of glazed effects, by way of giving mom what she really, really wants.

And here it is! Excited to start shopping? You’ll find blush sprinkled all over our Made for Mom collection, along with classic brown and refreshing white, in everything from rose gold watches, blush dials, wallets, handbags, not to mention the ultimate jewelry pieces that she (and you) will love for seasons to come.

Mama mia! Shop ahead and make her blush!

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