Now wearing: Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch

Featuring Drew Jessup

Most days, influencer Drew Jessup is on location in New York City while simultaneously doing the backend work of editing photos and meeting with partners for future collabs. A few (warmer) days ago, we got together with Drew to snap a few pics, and he got to test drive the new Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch. The first thing that came to mind: Q Nate doesn’t look like the “regular” smartwatch. It has the modern look of a classic stainless steel watch, but thankfully also tracks steps, calories, sends notification alerts and so much more.

We gave Drew a few days to get acquainted with Q Nate and later asked him for his download on the Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch. Here’s what he had to say.

Has your daily routine changed now that you have Q Nate?

A day with my new Q Nate hybrid smartwatch is far more active than the days before. I'm someone who becomes a bit obsessive so the first time I had data tracking my every step and every calorie burned, my inner athlete quickly surfaced. As a freelancer, my days are different depending if I have to be on location for a shoot, or in a Brooklyn coffee shop answering emails and editing pictures, but I always make sure to move enough no matter where my day takes me.


Which goals have you set for yourself since you started wearing Q Nate?

Since I started wearing the Q Nate I have a 15,000 step mark that I have to accomplish everyday no matter what.

What functionality do you use most on your hybrid smartwatch?

The step counter for sure. It's really fascinating to me how much variation in daily movement comes when I don't have a solid 9-5 routine. The steps keeps me accountable for making sure I'm not staying too stagnant throughout the day. If I don't hit my 15,000 steps by the end of the day, I go out of my way to walk to the Williamsburg bridge to make sure I hit that goal.


How does your smartwatch fit your personal style?

That's the best part about the watch. There have been other watches and trackers that work the same, but you had to sacrifice style to have the functionality, which was never something I could do. Q Nate has such a clean, cool look and it goes with everything, so now I have the best of both worlds.

While you’re traveling, how ideal is it not to pack another changer for your smartwatch?

Not having to worry about charging the smartwatch is great. Often, if I'm traveling, it's work related, which means there's already a million little things I'm thinking and worrying about. The fact that I don't have to worry about that makes it that much easier to focus on what I need to.


What notification are you most likely to receive first thing in the morning? Late at night?

My first morning notification is always my 7 a.m. alarm, and my last one is usually me reaching my 15,000 step goal!