Pop-up cards and paper watches by artist Julianna Szabo

Have a thing for pop-up books, handmade presents and curious holiday surprises? This season we’re taking festive cards and bright gifts to the next level! We tapped into Irish paper artist Julianna Szabo to create paper animations of our top-of-the-list wine and blue watches (for him and her). Julianna took paper and knife into her own hands—literally— and turned her holiday childhood memories to life in the form of brilliant paper animations. She even hand-sewed a wine paper version of the Jacqueline watch!

We got a chance to take a closer look at her creative process and the animations from start to finish. That’s what gifting brilliantly is all about, friends!

What was your inspiration behind train video?

A great gift is one that reminds me of a special moment shared with my loved ones. Each animation starts with a memory dressed in the colors of the watch, which slowly unfolds and turns into a pop-up gift card on a Fossil tin that holds the watch and connects the memory with the present itself.

How long did it take you to put together these videos?

It took me approximately a week to build the carousel and the train, which I had to build in a way that they can unfold while shooting the animation. Each watch (and tin) took about two days to make. With every single element cut and ready, it took an additional day to shoot and edit each animation.

Tell us about the creative process. Did you picture it all in your head ahead of time?

I usually have a clear picture in my head before I start to cut. In this case, I had to design the carousel and the train in a way that I can remove small pieces between each photo to be able to animate the unfolding process. I had to plan every step very carefully since by the end of the animation I completely dismantled the carousel and the train.  To make the paper watches as realistic as possible, I made my models larger than life so that I could add all the details. I took more than 1000 frames and put them in sequence to bring the characters to life!

Celebrating the holiday season means:

Spending time with my family.