Gifting Curiously with Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built

The House that Lars Built , founded by Brittany Jepsen, is one of our go-to Instagram accounts when we need a jolt of color and inspiration. Brittany’s whimsical creations go from paper sets with tromp l’oeil effects, hand-painted dinnerware, and DIY décor objects (flowers, table sets, wallpaper and more!). We like the way Brittany sees the world in color, so we asked her to play with our curious holiday gifts. Enjoy her colorful images (in motion!) and read our little chat about curious gift-wrapping and living in a “creative mess” below.

Q: What’s it like being a creative “messer”?

A: A creative “messer” is one who is constantly in a state of a “creative mess,” where there is always a creative project to be done! Projects, in my case, usually consist of paper scraps flying everywhere or sewing machines cruising on high speed.

Q: What's a curious (quirky) habit of yours that we haven’t seen on your blog?

A: Ever since I started using Snapchat [@houselarsbuilt] a few months ago I’ve been lip syncing to songs like it’s my full-time business. Snapchat is my new favorite thing because of the immediacy involved. I don’t style a thing, I don’t rehearse. I just speak through a stream of consciousness.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: In a number of places! First, my husband Paul. He has provided a wonderful way of looking at the world by not taking it so seriously. Second, by looking to the past. I look at Salvador Dali and then a lot of the mid-century artists and think, “man, you guys were bizarre.”

Q: In your words, gifting curiously is all about…

A: Thinking about the reaction of the recipient. Will they be in awe?

Q: What’s the best way to wrap a holiday gift?

A: I love wrapping gifts! It’s one of my favorite things to do! I love thinking of the person and the gift itself and imagining what it needs to turn into to create a sense of awe. One year I gifted a friend a piece of art. I rolled it into a mailing tube and then painted it to look like a candy cane.

Q: What are your favorite Fossil pieces to give and receive this season?

A: I love gifting bright and colorful accessories to friends like the brightly colored circular coin pouches. I love the idea of filling them with fun goodies inside to add an extra bit of delight.