A Day in The Life of Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg (with Fossil Q)

Did you know that Q display smartwatches help you stay connected, track your goals and earn you some major style points? We tagged along with Jamie Chung and husband Bryan Greenberg in Los Angeles while they tested out the new Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches. Check out the video below to see the watches in action, plus some Jamie-and-Bryan household cuteness.

We had time to catch up with Jamie and asked how Q Wander takes part in her daily routine of acting, blogging and traveling from coast to coast.

What’s your fave (type of) message to receive on your Q Wander?

Calendar reminders of friends' birthdays and dinner dates.


Who (or what) helps you stay on track with your busy schedule?

My Google calendar! It links to my Gmail account and then to my Q wander. It keeps track of my deadlines, appointments, special dates. Without it, my day to day would be chaos. I’m the worst when it comes to remembering dates.

Tell us about your day to day routine.

It varies! I’m usually on set for Gotham or recording something for Disney. Running into auditions, making deadlines for blog projects, running into meetings, scheduling a photographer or shoot, styling my next event, hopping on planes. I’m all over the place!


As a girl who’s known for your distinct personal style, how does your Q Wander fit your style?

I’m a tech kind of girl, so it’s nice to have access to my phone on my wrist. The new Q Wander is slimmer and has a smaller face. It's the size of a boyfriend watch, so it’s comfortable. The best thing about it is that I can set the face to a particular color theme or pick from one of the many exclusive designs. It’s pretty fun to match the face of my Q Wander to my daily outfits.

How often do you change up your Fossil Q Smartwatch faces and straps?
I can switch the strap of my smartwatch but I love the beige suede straps so much I wear that the most. I do change the Q Wander's face daily, if not a couple of times a day.
How do you keep long distance communication personal with Bryan during your busy travel schedules?

Through Facetime! Keeping myself on schedule and getting things done allows me to keep my Facetime schedule with the hubs. We are both pretty busy and on different coasts so we have a small window for our Facetime dates.