Classic Meets Modern: Justin Livingston & Serena Goh

Lifestyle bloggers Justin Livingston and Serena Goh were introduced by mutual friends four years ago. “From our first conversation, I knew we were going to be stuck like glue,” says Justin. The now inseparable and oh-so-stylish friends are showcasing the classic-meets-modern range of our new generation of Fossil Q smartwatches.

Justin, a classic(ish) guy who's not afraid to mix up his wardrobe essentials, chose the Q Nate hybrid smartwatch with a leather strap, while Serena, a tom(girl) with a modern point of view, went for Q Wander touchscreen smartwatch in rose gold. To showcase the contrast and similarities between their styles and the two smartwatches, photographer Masha Maltsava captured them zooming through New York’s West Village.

While having lunch at Seamore’s, Serena took the interviewer role and asked Justin some pertinent style questions—including how he wears Q Nate—and even snagged a (much appreciated) tip on how to snap a selfie. Read on.

SG: How would you describe your style?

JL: I’d say I’m casual and classic with a twist. I always dress in fairly neutral pieces but like to add a little personality with a bandana or a few pins. Basically, I dress for the weekend, every day.

SG: Tell me about this outfit!
JL: I paired some of my favorite wardrobe staples (a camel coat, a denim jacket, white sneakers) with a cap backwards and my Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch. This outfit is very me. I love clean lines and a classic silhouette—neutral layering really appeals to me.

SG: What drew you to the Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch?
JL: Well… aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly handsome timepiece, I liked that it gave me everything at a glance. When I’m running around day between meetings, I don’t always have time to be checking my phone. The Fossil Q Nate keep my calendar and notifications on hand so I can keep my focus on getting through the day. And for truly selfish reasons, I love that the smart technology in the watch allows me to remotely deploy my camera for the perfect selfie (LOL).

SL: I know you love a good selfie. Any tips on capturing the perfect one?
JL: I’d say my selfies are far from perfect but good natural lighting is the first and most important step. Also, think of something funny just before you snap the photo, so your smile looks genuine.

SG: Favorite trait about yourself?

JL: I’m hella passionate.
“The rose gold tone [Q Wander smartwatch] is a welcomed departure from my usual silver and gold metal mix, while the bold face adds to the masculine-feminine balance.” — Serena Goh

SG: Favorite trait about me?

JL: You're the most driven person I know. Plus, you’re an insanely good cook.


Photos by Masha Maltsava