Cool Commute: Sarah Nguyen

To continue our cool commute story we wanted to share how graphic designer and mega stylish Instagrammer, Sarah Nguyen , fashionably commutes everyday—whether to school, breakfast or just running errands.

Q: Is there anything you see on your daily commute that inspires you?

A: A simple smile or a door being held. I never want to lose sight of showing kindness to others even though we live in a world that doesn’t stop moving. I am inspired to work hard to do what I love, but I always remember to stop and smile along the way.

Q: What is the craziest thing you have ever found on your commute?

A: NYC is the runway for crazy. I’ve lost count of them all.

Q: What kinds of sounds do you hear on your commute?

A: My morning commutes are much quieter, but still full of sounds of rushed feet and coffee orders. The evening commute home is alive with noise and chatter and excitement.

Q: What is your favorite commute you have ever been on?

A: My favorite commute is going home, when I make my way up the block and stairs to my haven.

Q: How is this product perfect for your everyday commute?

A: The cross-body strap on the Emerson Satchel allows me to go hands-free whether I’m taking the bus, train or ferry, and it’s able to hold my laptop and books for school without overwhelming my small frame.

Q: What kinds of things do you carry with you every day?

A: My planner, laptop (sometimes), bottled water, keys, wallet, phone, earbuds, a notebook and pens for doodling!