A Day With Q Crewmaster Smartwatch

Featuring Cory Richards

Meet world adventurer and longtime Fossil enthusiast Cory Richards. After 36 expeditions across all seven continents and being named National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year in 2012, Cory shows no signs of slowing down. A peek at his Instagram account proves he’s got the right perspective when it comes to photographing people, landscapes and animals from the top of the Everest to the midst of Africa.

Like many of us, Cory clearly remembers his first Fossil watch, a stainless steel Fossil Blue he got 17 years ago.  While kayaking near Australia, he cracked the crystal, water leaked in and the blue dial rusted over. Cory displays the (now defunct) timepiece in his home like a “piece of art”—his words.
The launch of our new line of Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches is the perfect excuse to reach out to Cory and get his take on them. Take a closer look at his day with Q Crewmaster and scroll down to see what he had to say about the watch’s smart connectivity along with a few packing tips, considering he’s always on the go.
Name three packing essentials you'd hate to leave behind.

Camera—gotta have pictures.

E-reader—gotta stay smart.

Watch—gotta stay on time and on schedule.

What functionality do you use the most on your hybrid smartwatch when you're on location?

The most-used feature on my smartwatch it's second time zone.

What notification are you most likely to receive first thing in the morning? Late at night?

Sadly, the first notification I’m likely to get in the morning is an email that tells me what the day is going to hold. That actually wakes me up, before my alarm goes off. Often, the last notification I get on a given day is a text message from a friend telling me to come out and meet him. I usually respond saying I’m too tired. Ha!

While you're traveling, how ideal is it to not have to charge your Q Crewmaster?

Charging infrequently is part of this kind of travel. Sometimes I'm not near outlets or power for extended periods, and losing the functionality of my watch would be a major inconvenience, if not a total disaster.

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