The Write Stuff For Letterheads

Baby Got Books (And Pens And Paper And…)

Oh, Letterhead! You know the (typo) girl we’re talking about, right? She’s queen of timely thank-you notes and dreamy desk decor—and she does it all without looking up from her newest novel. Have a Letterhead on your gift list this year? Don’t wait to shop and definitely don’t mail it in. Take a note from our book and browse a few presents we’ve pulled together that she’ll absolutely L-O-V-E.

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From top to bottom: NEO-UTILITY “Korridor” color box, EAMES book, Moleskine journal, Rustico wool journal, BRAD OLDHAM Aluminum Bird, Takeya glass bottle, Scents of (Color) candles, Curious pencil pack, Journal multi pack, BRAD OLDHAM Aluminum Dog, Leather bulldog and panda, Jacqueline leather watch, Wool and The Gang hat.