Father’s Day Weekend Ideas

Happy Friday! Devoting your weekend to Dad? (Father’s Day is Sunday!) We thought it might be fun to surprise your pops with a curious outing or quick trip outside the city. Take a peek at our weekend ideas below to make this the best Dad’s day ever.

1. Beautiful weather definitely calls for an outdoors outing. This (father) time, take it to a super adventurous level with a canoe ride at your closest lake or river.

2. Surprise him at work on Friday afternoon with a coffee break at your favorite, artisanal local spot. He’ll love the one-on-one (son or daughter) time!

3. Take Dad to a (different kind of) game! Copa America’s semi-final soccer matches are coming up across the US!

4. Attend our Crafted For Dad event at select Fossil stores. Our very own Fossil peeps will be cutting and braiding customizable leather bracelets for dad, which you can receive with ANY purchase. Check out the deats here!

5. Volunteer! With so many non-profit organizations out there, finding a volunteering activity is so easy. Some of the best, bonding family times we’ve had were at food banks or creating a garden for a local public school.


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