Fossil HQ: Employee's New Year's Resolutions

Here’s to successfully going through the first week of January!  Around the office, we’ve started to collectively make goals for the new year by becoming more organized, creative, efficient and stylish versions of ourselves. Isn't that what Januarys are for? Still, like anyone else, we need a few supportive friends and preferably some good looking accessories and tools to help us get there.

We tapped into five Fossil creatives who make the magic happen behind the scenes. Take a peek inside our headquarters and check out which accessories are helping them ace their New Year’s Resolutions. We’re confident you’ll get inspired and follow their Q!

Laura Pike-Seeley, Librarian

"I'm a new mom, so keeping my life organized is more challenging than ever. There's a whole other little person thrown into the mix! In the coming year, I want to implement routines and carefully plan my busy schedule so that I can be the best working mom I can be. I’ll be relying on the calendar notifications on my Q Wander to make sure I never miss a meeting or appointment."—Laura Pike-Seeley, Librarian

Ryan White, Creative Director of Men’s Watches

"I'm a proud father of twin toddlers and expecting our third baby in May. I don't have time to read anymore unless it's children's books before bedtime. One of my new year's resolutions is to try more audiobooks! With the Bluetooth link function on my Q Nate, I'll be able to hit play from my smartwatch or quickly hit pause when interrupted. This way I don't miss out on what's happening in my book or what's going on around me."—Ryan White, Creative Director of Men’s watches


Joette Solano, Senior Marketing Specialist

"This year I’m making a resolution to revamp my personal style like never before. I have a hard time staying motivated in the New Year, so I’m always looking for unique ways to accomplish my resolutions. And that’s exactly why I love my Rachel tote—it’s completely customizable, making it super easy to change my look when I want to at a moment’s notice."—Joette Solano, Senior Marketing Specialist


Rosi Sanchez, Marketing Specialist

"My New Year's resolution list includes the usual suspects: live healthier, lose those 15 pounds and get organized. Each year, I set action plans to meet these goals but somehow can never fully reach my goals. This year is going to different! I have my Q Motion to keep me on track. Q Motion's activity tracking, phone notifications, and custom goal setting are just what I need to take on the new year."—Rosi Sanchez, Marketing Specialist


Nathan Walczak, Art Director

"Usually at the start of the year, I buy a desktop calendar to write down meetings, dates, reminders physically. I'm a visual person so unless I see it, I'll (most likely) forget. At the same time, I like my desk to be minimal and uncluttered. Q Marshal helps me on both those fronts by notifying me about meetings throughout the day, usually with enough heads up so I can get there on time. Plus, it's a great looking watch that fits in with my style."—Nathan Walczak, Art Director
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