Fossil HQ: Our Spring Reading List

At Fossil HQ, we’re super proud to have one of the most inspiring workplace libraries. Perfectly curated by our expert archivist and librarian Laura Pike-Seeley, the library is everyone’s favorite (bookish) spot to creatively brainstorm or discover inspiration. To celebrate our #colorfix campaign, Laura compiled a fabulous reading list with a hue-happy theme.

Whether you’re looking for interior design inspiration, a sensorial culinary experience, or you just swoon every time you see a coloring book, read on!

“Rainbow Tarts” by Emilie Guelpa

Did you know that some people can hear, smell and even taste color? If you don’t share that sensory quirk, you can still get your edible ROYGBIV fix with “Rainbow Tarts”. Featuring 50 recipes in 50 delectable shades, Emilie Guelpa’s book cooks up a swatch-inspired culinary palette that tastes as sweet as it looks.

“Sottsass” by Philippe Thome

We’re currently smitten with the vibrant works of designer Ettore Sottsass, and this comprehensive book shows his true colors. He left his mark on everything from architecture to furniture, but we’re especially inspired by the quirky hues he used to liven up his ceramic sculptures.

“Monotone” by Viction Workshop

You don’t always need lots of different colors to make a visual statement. Sometimes, one strong one will do just fine. For proof, see Monotone, Viction Workshop’s celebration of beautiful one-color graphic designs from around the world. Less really can be more!

“Cloud in a Teacup: A Mindful Journey and Coloring Book” by Thich Nhat Hanh and Brett Cook

You’re never too old to break out your crayons and color inside (or outside) the lines. We’ve been swept up in the adult coloring book craze, and one of our favorites is this thought-provoking, serenity-inducing option designed to inspire contemplation and inner peace.