Fossil Kin: Rob

Meet Rob Sesser, Assistant Art Director with dashing style and a serious knack for photography. When he’s not busy snapping pics for every single one of Fossil’s social media platforms, the self-professed aesthete is all about sharing his curious creations and adventure-filled life on his personal Instagram (follow him @Robsessed85 ). To learn more about the man behind the camera (phone), scroll down and check out our quick Q&A.

Q: What's a curious (quirky) habit of yours?

A: I’m completely addicted to white noise machines so whenever it’s bedtime or naptime I gotta have one playing or I lose my mind. At home I even have one set up on each side of my bed for a little surround sound action.


Q: Where is your favorite place to find color?

A: I’m always driving around Dallas looking for new places to shoot photos and I love finding colorful walls that are off the beaten track that have a funky mural or multiple layers of color.

Q: Who would make the soundtrack to your life?

A: Hands down, Britney Spears. But then if she ever actually made my own personal soundtrack I’d probably die from excitement, which would sort of defeat the purpose.


Q: Where are you from?

A: Walla Walla, Washington. (The town so nice they named it twice.)

Q: What do you do at Fossil and what makes your job unique?

A: I’m an Assistant Art Director and I spend most of my time running around with my IPhone taking photos for Fossil’s social media. My job is pretty unique in that highlights of my day can include hunting down hand models, thrifting for vintage knick-knacks, or scouting out new locations for a photo shoot. It’s definitely not your average desk job.


Q: What inspires you on a daily basis?

A: The Instagram Community keeps me constantly inspired. I love having that glimpse into so many different peoples daily lives and the unique perspective they choose to capture those moments.

Q: Your favorite Fossil item?

A: My Estate Casual Leather Backpack. I rarely leave town without it and I always get compliments about it.


Q: When you’re not at the HQ, where would we find you?

A: Probably either out on a run through downtown or curled up in bed eating a cube of cheese and watching a Netflix documentary.


Q: Who is your style icon?

A: I’d have to say Cary Grant. I’ve always been obsessed with classic Hollywood and I will forever strive to wear a suit as well as he did.