How to Dress Like a Tom(girl)

Here at Fossil, we’re continuously inspired by laidback classics like vintage blue jeans, crisp white button-downs and well-made, timeless accessories. We call this Tom(Girl) Style. Wondering how to incorporate the look into your everyday wardrobe? No worries, we have you covered!


Tom(Girl) Essential 1: Vintage Jeans (and jacket)

The number one staple of any tom(girl) is a pair of worn-in, well-loved blue jeans. Vintage styles like the Levi’s 501 provide a perfect fit that flatters the figure while looking relaxed and borrowed-from-the-boys. Dress ‘em up with a flowy blouse or dress ‘em down with a super soft t-shirt—either way, these are an everyday staple!


Tom(Girl) Essential 2: Relaxed Button-Down

A white button-down pairs perfectly with your blue jeans (and more)! This is another key piece that always looks good with everything from skirts to denim cutoffs. Opt for a more fitted version, or get that super relaxed look by finding your button-down in the men’s section.


Tom(Girl) Essential 3: Tousled Tresses

A true tom(girl) loves to feel the wind in her hair, so naturally her hair isn’t always perfect. We love a natural look full of waves and volume (with the help of some sea salt spray). Who says hair has to be perfect anyway?


Tom(Girl) Essential 4: A Borrowed-From-The-Boys Watch

A boyfriend watch is a great way to top off any tom(girl)’s outfit. We love a vintage-inspired chronograph watch like the Original Boyfriend or Perfect Boyfriend.


Tom(Girl) Essential 5: A Worn-In Leather Bag

Whether she’s going on a weekend trip or a walk through the farmer’s market, a tom(girl) is never without her trusty leather bag (that only gets better with time). The Emi Saddle Bag and the Saddle Bag Belt hold the everyday essentials (like keys, phone, wallet) while upping her cool game, and the Emma Tote is great for carrying all the necessities for more demanding adventures!

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