Kelli Murray on Beauty Sleep and Traveling with Q Tailor Hybrid Smartwatch

Kelli Murray is a momma of two with (oh-so) many talents. She launched her children’s clothing line Rylee and Cru two years ago and also works as a freelance illustrator while feeding her Instagram with beautiful images on a regular basis. The new year is looking busy for Kelli. She already has a few resolutions in mind: getting more sleep and traveling more with her family and for work.
Kelli and hubby Sam wearing their Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches
Kelli, like many of us, considers herself a night owl. “I’ve always felt my best creative ideas take form in the wee hours of the night, but with two kids and a busy schedule, that lifestyle leaves me running on far too little sleep.” Since sleep is wellness, she’s making it a goal for herself to stick to a bedtime schedule and help set her body’s internal clock. Beyond that, tracking her sleep quality is a perk that her Q Tailor hybrid smartwatch provides by wearing it at night. “The sleep tracker feature on my smartwatch helps me stay on track with this goal.  It lets me know how many hours I am sleeping each night and has an alarm option that I can set to remind me when to go to bed and when to wake up.  Combine that with its built-in fitness tracker, and I should be set to feel my best (ever) this year.”
When it comes to scheduling her vacays and work trips, Kelli knows that planning is everything. In the foreseeable future, she’s going to Paris for work at the end of January (jealous!). Q Tailor will make it on the plane, too. “The multiple time zone feature allows me to compare the time in Paris with the time back at home so I can figure out when to connect with Sam and the kids. Who knew a watch could be so smart?!”
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