Maker Spotlight: Cody Amos

This week we’re highlighting the ultimate leather craftsman and Fossil’s (super-creative) Associate Concept Designer Cody Amos. Currently part of our concept team that researches trends and techniques that can translate into product, Cody has also taken men’s leather design and leather engineering roles in the past, working on everything from belts and key fobs to building bag patterns. “I guess you could say I was impatient. I would make my samples in-house, not only as a hobby of mine but because the techniques I was studying were harder to illustrate in a technical drawing. It was easier for me to make the sample myself and just send it to our factories,” says Cody about his first designs at Fossil.
With a penchant for Argentinian Rawhide braiding techniques, Cody often recreates them on vegetable tan leather and passes them on to our leather and jewelry designers. “I feel good knowing that something that I studied as a passion was brought into stores because it was right for the brand,” said Cody.

Cody will be hosting our Crafted for Dad store event at our Dallas-NorthPark store this upcoming June 18th.

Here’s what you can expect: with every purchase, we’ll add a leather bracelet, hand-cut on the spot by Cody himself. “Customers will receive both the bracelet and a collar pin so that the son or daughter can wrap it around their dad’s wrist themselves. It makes for a special moment between you and your dad,” he said. “He’ll have a bracelet that fits him exactly how it should and over time it’s going to wear so nicely. The insides will become softer and it will develop a sheen from sun exposure and wear.”

Curious to see what Cody’s making for his dad? “Anything I make [for my dad], even if I don’t love it, he wears it every single day. Last time he came over, he had about three keychains I made, all on the same set of keys.”

After talking about his love for hiking, camping and canoeing—a few of Cody’s favorite things to do outside of work— we couldn't leave his workspace without asking him about his favorite leather pieces to gift for Father’s Day. “I love the leather phone cases out right now. They’re great because on the corners when you handle them, they get a nice patina,” Cody said. According to him, it’s all in the details. “I also like the framed shave kit. The way the leather rolls underneath the frame is beautiful...and it makes a great gift for dads who travel.”

Want to get this unique braided bracelet, or maybe get his gifting advice? Cody will be at the store from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. In the meantime, take a sneak peek at what you should expect at our Crafted for Dad event.
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