Meet Ari

Meet Ari, our final Fall Kin member. Ari Taymor, the chef and co-owner of Alma, (the LA spot buzzing in food circles), is out to create dishes with feeling.

Whether it's love, nostalgia or unearthing a memory, he has talent for making incredible masterpieces with ingredients from the familiar to the obscure. Ari says that instead of seeking creativity he waits patiently for his ideas to pop up, and finds inspiration in day-to-day activities, stating that it's about being open and paying attention to everything.

Ari included a few of his favorite ingredients with his Fossil picks and we have to agree his picks are perfect for any chef. A handy journal to store any secret ingredients and our classic Grant Watch to never lose track of time.
We had the pleasure of hosting our Mechanicals Dinner with Esquire at Alma this past fall. From the food to the atmosphere and company, Alma was phenomenal. We wish the best of luck to Ari and can't wait to try his next endeavour!
Event Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan