Now Wearing: Q Founder Smartwatch

Interested in getting a new wearable watch, but still a (little) bit unsure whether will fit your style? No worries, help is on the way. This past week we caught up with oh-so-stylish Dallas-based architect and part-time photographer Skyler Fike, to chat about the many benefits of our bestselling smartwatch, Q Founder.
What were your first impressions of the Q Founder smartwatch?

Simply from an aesthetic standpoint, the leather strap is my favorite part of the watch. Secondly, the classic round watch face gave it the feel of a classic analog watch without being clunky. The size and the weight are perfect. It’s truly a comfortable watch to wear.


Which faces do you prefer?

I like to switch up my Q Founder’s face in correspondence with my mood or my outfit. When I wear my navy suit, I go for the classic face with Roman numerals. Then on a regular Monday work day (I work as an architect), I switch to a black and white dial with circumscribed circles and lines*. On casual nights, I choose something more minimal, but my favorite face is the retro dial.

What do you like the most about your smartwatch?

I love getting prompt notifications fed from my iPhone. I hadn't realized how often I pick up my phone throughout the day until I saw how many times I look at my wrist. I find myself using my phone less, or at least only when I can tell if something's important enough to answer right away. When you realize the impact of pulling out your phone has on a conversation with a friend, gaining back those seconds of time does pay off. People don’t care if you check the time when you’re talking to them; they do care if you’re checking your texts or eager to read a Snap.

Have you set any activity goals?

I love tracking my steps. I don’t have any set goals aside from the standard 10K [steps] daily goal, but I do strive for at least that one. It’s also just nice to have a personal goal to meet throughout the day that isn’t work-related, but merely for the sake of personal wellness.


When are the notifications most useful?

I love seeing texts pop up, important emails, missed calls or voicemails, etc. The Q Founder smartwatch has become a welcome part of my daily wardrobe. How ironic is it that I’ve gained back valuable time as a result of wearing a watch.

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