Our Summer Bucket List

Hey you, happy Friday! After a long week at work, one thing’s clear: planning a memorable summer takes time whether you’re juggling a busy 9-to-5 schedule or final exams in school.

We still want you to make the best of it, wherever you live, which is why we put together a summer (bucket) list of ideas with local to not-so-local activities to spark your curiosity!


1.     Refresh your home (indoors and outdoors) with succulents and cacti. It’s no surprise they’re such a hit on Instagram. They look great in any abode and are extremely low maintenance.



2.     Visit your local farmer’s market (more than once). Nothing beats fresh food and a great outing with friends—our Harper bag included.



3.     Get out of your (cooking) comfort zone and go for an extra healthy paleo menu for a week.

4.     Test your compact-living skills by renting a tiny house for a whole weekend.

5.     Staycations sometimes make the best vacations: drive to your local lake and try a new water sport. (Yes, canoeing counts!)

Tags:  culture