Q + Leandra Medine

We got together with Leandra Medine, author and fashion blogger, known for her satirical website for serious fashion, Man Repeller to test out our newest Fossil Q Dreamer. Leandra has become a pied piper for the stylishly curious and was an obvious accomplice for our Fossil Q collection.

From how to style, to the necessity of our connected accessory Q Dreamer, Leandra gave us insight on why her Q Dreamer has ultimately become her go-to life coach. 

"I prefer my life coach in the form of an accessory -- right on my wrist where I can see it. Efficiency-tip: this Fossil Q Dreamer does the rose-gold trick."
From missed phone calls to having the push to make it to the gym, Leandra's Q Dreamer is the life-coach that kicks her into gear. It tracks her steps, encouraging her to walk instead of roll to her next stop, and informs her how many calories she's burned, so she doesn't feel too bad getting that doughnut during lunch. 

Her favorite part is that it reminds her of the important things, the people she needs to call, and the texts she needs to return.

Ultimately, Q Dreamer is her life coach in the form of an accessory.

On top of tracking your steps, listening for important messages and alerting you to only the things you care about, the Q app also challenges you to put on your imagination caps.
This week's challenge is all about laying it all out. Are you nicely organized or cooly chaotic? We challenge you to turn your bag upside down and let us see what you carry. Share your lay it all out with us on Instagram by using #FossilQ .