Q Your Best Self

Happy New Year! There’s no January 1st without New Year’s Resolutions—you know the drill. If you’re into making this the year of YOU, you probably already resolved to be more organized, eat better, sleep more, work out a little harder, and still keep your busy life under control—just like us! We know we’ll have to put in the work, but thankfully our Q wearables are here to help, in a big way, every step of the way.

Here we highlight the best of the best functionality in our Q trackers, touchscreen and hybrid smartwatches. Now you can easily pick and choose the oh-so-smart watch or tracker that best fits the resolution that you're going for—and look good while you achieve your goals.


Resolution #1: Get On Track

Staying on top of your fitness goals is (oh-so) simple with step tracking. Q Motion is perfect for that.


Resolution #2: Sleep More

Make 2017 the year restful sleep. Thanks to Q Motion and our Q hybrid smartwatches, achieving your sleep goals (8 hours, if you ask us) is a dream.


Resolution #3: Eat clean

More cooking for yourself and less eating out will prove profitable for your wallet, not to mention you can control calories so much easier. Set up your timer on Q Marshal, especially if you’re prone of oven burnage.


Resolution #4: Nurture your creativity

Make time for those creative moments and ME time. Listening to old and new music is a great way to recharge and your Q display smartwatch lets you control your tunes directly from your wrist.


Resolution #5: Stay in touch

Keep texts, emails and app notifications just a (stylish) wrist length away.


Resolution #6: Revamp your style

Make these tech-savvy smartwatches part of your (new) signature look. Swap a strap for every day of the week, if you wish.
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