How To Style Your Q Crewmaster

Q Crewmaster hybrid smartwatch launched less than a month ago and is already making (big) headlines. In a gist, this is a classic-looking sport watch with modern functionality. It tracks your steps and sleep through the Fossil Q App, alerts you when you receive filtered emails or texts from your favorite peeps, and has the Q Link technology that can either ring your phone, control your music, and even take a selfie. Best of all—it doesn’t require charging!
Q Crewmaster is seriously smart, but its versatile look and the fact that you can switch straps according to your look of the day sold some very stylish men on it. This month, we teamed up with GQ to bring you a visual guide on how to style you new Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch. GQ ’s Brett Fahlgren also put together a Q Crewmaster style cheat sheet based on three every-day scenarios.

Planning to break a sweat? Opt for a rubber diving strap in nautical blue. Use the built-in activity tracking to monitor the steps you’ve taken, miles you’ve run, calories you’ve burned—and, at the end of the day, how well you sleep. Unlike you, somehow the Q Crewmaster never needs a recharge.

Best worn with: A timeless gray sweatshirt. Or add some pop with a track jacket. Self-respecting athletes still rock them, but this sporty throwback layer has a bouncy street vibe, too, especially with the sleeves rolled.


Tie on some self-assured masculinity for drinks or dinner, with a stainless steel watch strap. It’s a stealth approach to tech-forward, and that’s the point. The Q Crewmaster’s Q LINK Technology comes into play here, letting you cue your party music and snap a group photo from your wrist.

Best worn with: The field jacket, another elegant classic that wears its toughness lightly.


Places to inject color into a sober work ensemble: the tie, the socks—and the wrist. The regimental stripes on these timeless NATO straps add a subtle, welcome accent. Straps are easily interchangeable, for a different color-jolt each day. And the timepiece they’re attached to keeps you on top of things, with notifications for big meetings and texts from colleagues.  Lose your phone right before you have to dial in? You can make it ring [with the Q LINK button] from your watch.

Best worn with: The Fitted Blazer. Worn with or without a tie, a well-tailored piece like this is just right for the modern office. It’s a smart choice nearly all the time.

Images courtesy of GQ.
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