Two sisters, one crossbody bag

Get acquainted with sisters Taylr and Tarah and their effortless California-rooted style! Their gorgeous Instagram feeds are always #OOTD inspiration, especially when looking for the perfect BFF gift. So, in the spirit of the motto “one for you and one for me,” we partnered with Taylr and Tarah to see how each sister styles the ultimate crossbody (Piper) during this brilliantly colorful season. The result? We love how our crimson and wine crossbodies added the right amount of color to their looks—totally what we’re going for this holiday party season! Scroll down to see the looks and get to know them even better.

Taylr wearing the Piper toaster bag in wine.


Describe each other's personal styles.

Taylr Anne: Tarah's style is unique to her own. She exudes classic Parisian chic but adds that 70s California flair.

Tarah Jane: Taylr's style is eclectic and edgy—she gives off that cool "girl next door" vibe. I think we both share a love for effortless style, so our fashion is similar in that sense. But I think Taylr has more of an artistic edge, while I tend to build off of a more earthy aesthetic.


What's your age difference?

TJ: I'm 20, and she's 25, but I feel like we are on the same wavelength, so the age difference rarely crosses my mind.

TA: Haha, except for when it's a Friday night and I need a wingwoman.

Tarah wearing the Piper toaster bag in crimson.


Have you worked together before?

TA: We constantly work together, shooting each other's photos, but this is one of the first campaigns that we've both been in front of the camera.


What's your biggest talent?

TJ & TA: Probably finishing each other's sentences and eating chocolate chip cookies. And we'd like to think we are both creative, passionate, and down to earth.

Name a reason why your sister is your BFF.

TJ & TA: I think at the end of the day, we both have an unspoken understanding of each other. We both inspire each other and are each other's biggest fans.


What makes Piper the ideal everyday bag?

TJ & TA: Three words: Small but eye-catching. (Or is that four words?)

Do you borrow from each other's closets?

TJ: I do, mostly from her. Taylr's the blogger babe with all the connections, so more often than not you'll find me peeking in her closet.


What can we expect to see you wearing during holiday parties this season?

TJ & TK: Black leather booties, wide cropped denim, faux fur coats, and our Fossil Q smartwatches to make sure we arrive on time.