Weekly Rewind

Three cheers for the weekend! We compiled a list of color, culture and design stories to keep you entertained, inspired and curious to try something new at home and beyond. A visit to the Museum of Ice Cream? Go for it!

1. Ice cream lovers, this one’s for you. Get a taste of the new #museumoficecream in New York. Tickets are sold out (no surprise!), but here’s a peek inside.

2. Make a gallery wall in one hour! Easy and colorful does it when you’re short on time and funds.

3. Would you be up for this Chinese glass skyway adventure at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park? Easy way to pump up your adrenaline, that’s for sure.

4. A reading guide for all (young) adults. If you skipped these in college or passed by them in the bookstore, they are worth a second look.  

5. Love feeding your sense of wanderlust, but not crazy about camping in nylon tents? Here’s some next level glamping to inspire you.

6. If you have a thing for mid-century modern furniture, meet seven female furniture designers whose creations will make you want to update your living room.


Header image via Eater.

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