Welcome to Camp Fossil

Nothing says adventure, fun and childhood nostalgia like a season inspired by—and designed around—the good old days at camp. So you can only imagine how excited we are to welcome you (officially) to Camp Fossil, a season where we evoked our best camping spirits and turned them into color, culture and design-curious pieces that will have you begging for s’more. And yes, we added a survival kit into the mix!

Take a (hide and) peek at our Camp Fossil inspiration below...

Campfire games, vintage camp gear and bear-y cute models played special roles on our campaign set this season.

Curious how Camp Fossil inspired fall’s trends? Color wise, we’re loving a mix of wild(erness) tones like canteen green, lime, butternut and iron, paired to bright mimosa yellow, rose and navy. We’ve also made sure our watches, wallets, bags and accessories are extra-functional, giving you the freedom to follow your adventuring spirits, whether you’re hitting the town or the trails. Of course, they’ll also help you earn your (style) badges. Naturally!

Psst! Fall checklists are right around the corner but for now, Kumba-YAH! Let the Fossil adventures begin.

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