Buy Now, Wear Always

Dear Fossil Fans,—

We know how the summer season may seem a bit confusing when it’s 100 plus degrees º outside but you only see fall clothing and accessories in stores. While we’re preparing for cooler temperatures, there’s nothing more rewarding than buying THAT new bag or watch you’re crushing on, and start wearing it right then and there. With classic designs transcending season after season, shopping our new styles can be equally as trendy, timeless and oh-so-fun!

Defender Rucksack

Why you need it now: First of all, borrowing from the boys every once in awhile can be the perfect wardrobe refresh! The rucksack in waxed canvas will be your best friend on short weekend getaways when all you truly need is a change of clothes and a set of toiletries.

Why you’ll use it later: – It’s made to last. The rucksack’s mixed materials of leather and canvas give a modern yet durable look. Use it as a daily carryall or bring it  on your next adventure.

Emma Satchel

Why you need it now: The brown Emma satchel pairs perfectly with denim and tees when you’re out and about exploring, but it also makes a super practical bag for the office. Did we mention it has adjustable straps so you can haul it all in comfort?

Why you’ll use it later: Emma is made of a one of a kind leather that gets even better over time. Plus, the classic silhouette makes it a go-everywhere accessory no matter the weather, season or location.
Townsman Mechanical

Why you need it now: A top-of-the-hour automatic combined with exposed mechanics and vintage designs makes for a stylish companion. We love the new charcoal face and pulled-together look, which says it’s refined but doesn't take itself too seriously.

Why you’ll use it later With a never-change battery—this one’s definitely a keeper.

Q Founder Touchscreen Smartwatch

Why you need it now: –Combining the best of both worlds, our Q Founder smartwatch features touchscreen functionality with classic good looks. This timepiece receives notifications from your favorite contacts and apps and also tracks everything from daily steps to calories burned. A perfect style for her, this wrist essential will keep you connected in polished rose gold and dressed in rich leather.

Why you’ll use it later: Match your smartwatch to your look in seconds with customizable watch faces and interchangeable straps. How smart!

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