Camp get enough of our new fall tins

Our art packaging team amazes us each season with their cute-as-can-be tin designs. The metallic printed boxes that package protect our watches in style  are also great succulent planters, thumbtack bowls and, yes, home décor. The truth is our tins are just as collectible as our watches, and the stories behind their designs will drive you curious. Here’s what we learned about this season’s Camp Fossil-inspired tins.
Lantern Tin

Inspired by vintage camp gear, this tin features a classic hand-drawn lantern. Check out our happy camper personalities surrounding the box. We are do-it-yourselfers, curious at heart, hunters, fishermen, and weekend warriors, to name a few.


Raccoon Tin

There’s more than meets the eye with this tin. This graphic print was inspired by paint by numbers kits from the 1950s. It may appear like cool camouflage, but it’s actually a zoomed in drawing of one of our favorite woodland creatures—the raccoon. (You can also find this print on our fall bags and wallets.)


Bandana Tin

Trek out our tin influenced by the various patterns of a classic bandana. It also features the ultimate wild(erness) animal:—the grizzly bear. Not to be missed, we included a “Hotel de Bear” visual story about the tin box to inspire your upcoming camping trip!


Badge Tin

Add another (style) badge to your tin collection. These vintage badges show fun wilderness activities and camping lodges. Plus, you get our very own illustrations and a few camping knick-knacks to let your adventuring spirit go wild.


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