5 Reasons Why You Need a Fossil Q…

at your upcoming music festival

Between interactive conferences, live music shows and (necessary) food truck runs, staying connected during festival season is a must. Case in point: our Fossil Q trackers and smartwatches are, well, a smart addition (at arm’s length). Here’s why...

1. With Q Founder, receive text messages from friends without having to pull out your phone. (Genius.)

2. Have the concert schedule on your calendar? Q Founder will send you notifications to let you know when the next show starts.

3. With Q’s swappable straps, it’s never been easier to (stylishly) stand out from the crowd.

4. Need an outfit refresh? Change the watch face of your Q Founder in seconds with just a simple swipe.

5. If there’s one thing we know about festivals, it’s that you’re always on the go! Set your activity and health goals for the week, and our Q wearables will easily track them.

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