Get Acquainted with our new Trench Watches

This season, we took a page from WWII archives to create new timepieces that command attention. We infused functionality and utility into our spring watches by merely altering the tint of the dials and straps. Khaki tinted-crystal dials paired back to natural-aged brown leathers take us beyond the barracks with a sophisticated neutral statement that nods to military fashion. Built to last and only getting better (and better) over time, our trench watches match any outfit.
So what makes our trenches tick to your sense of style? Besides the fact that they’re just a handsomely hued investment for any occasion, we love the high impact dials in each one of their chronograph faces. Our ultra-sport Wakefield takes a tint with a brushed topring, lum indices and precise performance mechanics. Strapped in rich leather, our classic Daily chronograph channels a sleek, pulled-together style that never takes itself too seriously. Trench also shows up in our smartwatches, like the aviation-inspired Q54 Pilot that sends you LED-colored notifications and tracks your activity.
From left to right: Wakefield Chronograph leather watch, Daily Chronograph leather watch and Q54 Pilot smartwatch.
Military-inspired yet thoroughly modern, our trench watches rank high in all-around style points!